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Building Leaders and Shaping Talent


What is the BLAST programme?

BLAST (Building Leaders and Shaping Talent) is our flagship graduate programme.

It aims to attract the brightest and best talent exiting university. The BLAST programme offers unique opportunities to the candidates on the programme. The BLAST proposition offers successful candidates the exposure to have three real roles across two continents in four years. The roles are carefully selected to ensure the BLASTer has the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and experience which will equip them to be part of the Emerging Talent population in the company.

What does the journey look like

Every person has a customised development plan ensuring the person is well placed in the company to have a successful career.

Typically a career path on BLAST would initially include a role in South Africa, closely aligned to the BLASTer’s field of study, which could also be part of requisite training to achieve a professional qualification. The second role is selected to gain additional experience, often aligned to your chosen discipline but will broaden your knowledge and skills. This is usually an international assignment. The last role is selected to ensure the BLASTer is well prepared for a role post the BLAST programme.

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All BLASTers are encouraged to continuously develop, further advancing their knowledge and skills in their fields of study or related areas. All BLASTers will attend the Group Management programmes whilst on the BLAST programme. This includes the Achiever Programme (TAP) and Programme for Management Excellence (PME).

The Anglo American group of companies all participate in the programme and offer suitable roles for BLASTers. There are a large number of operations in South Africa and Southern Africa, as well as Brazil, Chile, Canada and Corporate offices in Johannesburg and London.


Do you have what it takes?

Applicants will have a four year degree or post graduate degree in disciplines that are relevant to our business in particular Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Business Science/Finance

  • Excellent academics
  • Demonstration of strong leadership
  • Possess drive and ambition and a passion for new challenges
  • Actively participates in campus or community life

Applications will be open from 3 May to 30 July 2017.

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