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Advertising in South Africa

At Anglo American, we want to create sustainable value that makes a real difference for all stakeholders, now and for the future. We realise that there is a need for us to tell our story and to talk about the real difference that we make in the lives of the people in South Africa, particularly in the areas of education, enterprise development, health and community development.

In our 2015 and 2014 advertising campaigns, we featured our people and other ordinary South Africans who have felt the real difference we've made.

Makarapa City

In 2016 we're telling our story through Makarapa City a nine part radio drama series thata focuses on our communities.

Our communities are at the heart of our business and they deal with a diverse range of socio-economic issues on a daily basis. We understand the importance of creating a medium where we can talk about these issues and find solutions together. A medium that our communities can truly connect with.

This led to the evolution of our advertising campaign and the creation of a nine-part radio drama, that plays out in a fictitious mine community, called Makarapa City.

Recorded in the six official languages of our mine communities, and aired on local language radio stations, Makarapa City is a true microcosm of what’s playing out in our communities. The series digs deeper into everyday issues like debt, health, love and ambition - all real issues faced in mining communities across South Africa. Many of these issues relate directly to key Anglo American initiatives through which we partner with our communities to help find solutions.

If you would like to know more and listen to the episodes, visit our Makarapa city page.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.