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Our people are the business.

Our people

Our employees are at the heart of our business in South Africa and we will continue to partner with them and our communities to ensure a common sense of purpose, while being aligned about how we create value together.

We work with employees to ensure we have a common sense of purpose and are aligned in how we do things together. By ensuring that we place the right employees in the right roles, we empower our people to realise their full potential.

Employee Development

To deliver on our objectives, we rely on a capable and engaged workforce. In return, we reward our people and provide opportunities to help them develop and grow. Providing high-quality training is a key attraction and retention tool, and developing professional expertise and leadership capabilities is essential to achieving our ambitions. Our investment in human resources development at all our business units is aimed at developing current and potential employees, with a strong focus on women and historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs) through specific career development interventions, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, and high-potential employee identification and fast-tracking.

While our activities are informed by the regulatory framework, our training programmes are designed to meet business and employee needs. Our training programmes include: health and safety training, learnerships, leadership programmes, mentorships, portable skills training, career progression plans for HDSAs, bursaries and study assistance, adult basic education and training (ABET) and our professionals-in-training (PIT) programme.

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"We want all our employees to be in a position to enjoy decent housing and living conditions. This is essential for developing long-term stable and empowered communities around our operations that may continue to prosper after the mines have closed." Chris Griffith, CEO Anglo American Platinum

Our aim is for all employees to have access to decent housing and living conditions, within stable, well-serviced and sustainable communities. The provision of housing is a significant challenge across South Africa, and also in mining communities.

All our business units in South Africa achieved the Mining Charter requirements by the end of 2014, and some ambitious collaborative housing development projects are in progress, to alleviate the shortage of available housing. Our focus is on making it possible for eligible employees to buy their own homes in suitable areas near our mining operations.

As such, our housing initiatives also take into consideration the financial and personal circumstances of each individual. We believe that offering quality accommodation and attractive housing options is a key factor in attracting and retaining vital skills.

We are prioritising the implementation of a greater range of quality housing choices, based on employees’ preferences.


"Assets alone do not generate value. It is our people who are inspired to deliver sustainable value that makes a real difference." Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive of Anglo American

Anglo American strives to build a culture that reflects and harnesses a rich diversity of ideas and perspectives, and that does not tolerate discrimination.

We recognise the moral and business value of equal opportunity, diversity and respect. We are transforming our workforce at all levels, so that it reflects the demographics of our country. We also ensure that the skills developed by all of our employees are used optimally within our business.

Enhancing diversity in our workforce, particularly in management ranks, has been a high priority for us over the years.

See how we are progressing with our transformation efforts or download our latest Transformation Report.


"Employment equity is made real by people who understand that growing the role of women at all levels of their organisation contributes not only to the health, capability and competitiveness of a company, but also to its bottom line." Norman Mbazima, Deputy Chairman of Anglo American South Africa

Women are under-represented in the mining industry the world over.

The recruitment and retention of highly-sought-after skilled Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSA's), particularly women, is an ongoing challenge, as the widespread lack of skills in South Africa has resulted in stiff competition for suitable candidates. We continue to identify and develop cost-effective initiatives aimed at creating an increasingly attractive working environment with development opportunities.

Achieving diversity means changing workplace attitudes and behaviour. Today, women make up more than 17% of our workforce, account for more than 13% of core mining jobs and hold more than 23% of management positions.

Visit our blog to find out more about some of our inspiring women in mining.


"As one of the country's major employers, we are concerned with the negative effects of high levels of debt. This is why we are working with our employees and their families to disentangle themselves from debt or, better still, avoid it altogether," Andile Sangqu, executive head of Anglo American in South Africa.

Excessive indebtedness is a challenge for many people in South Africa, and is a problem evident across all industries and income groups. Indebtedness is not only a burden for employees and their families, but also has an impact on employees’ safety and well-being, on workplace morale and on productivity.

We are committed to the well-being of our people and are assisting employees in reducing their debt, and to manage their financial affairs better, now and in the future. We are helping employees who are excessively indebted by offering professional personal financial management training and professional support in managing, rescheduling and ultimately reducing debt.

We are also taking a stand against irresponsible lending and debt collection.

Here are some stories of how people have been impacted by our employee indebtedness initiatives:

Our Stories

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